KNU Workshop #12 - Prevalence, Detection and Treatment of Hepatitis in Kurdistan Region

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Today the World Hepatitis Alliance launches an open letter calling for immediate action to vastly improve access to life-saving drugs for viral hepatitis. Signed by over 120 organisations from 55 countries, the letter highlights that more people die each year from hepatitis B and C than from HIV/AIDS, TB or malaria and that “the single most important reason for this is that they do not have access to life-saving drugs for hepatitis B and hepatitis C “.

The open letter has been signed on behalf of the 400 million people worldwide living with hepatitis B and C and makes specific requests to governments and pharmaceutical companies. In particular, the letter calls on national governments to take all necessary steps to:

  • Remove stigma that prevents people coming forward for testing
  • Put in place adequate infrastructure and reduce the price of diagnostics so that they can screen at-risk populations
  • Remove barriers and speed up the process of national registration of hepatitis drugs
  • Reduce the price of the best hepatitis drugs to be able to massively scale up national treatment programs
  • The letter also urges pharmaceutical companies to:
  • Ensure their drugs are affordable in all countries, including making the Intellectual Property of the best drugs available to the Medicines Patent Pool
  • Stop anti-diversion policies or using a dominant market position which prevent people accessing the best treatment available

At the end of the workshop, participants will have knowledge and prevalence of Hepatitis:


A Knowledge University International Workshop

By Prof. Seyed Moayed Alavian M.D.

and Assistant Prof. Salman Khan


This workshop is arranged by KNU’s

Centre for Academic Research, Training and Activities (CART)

  • WORKSHOP #12
  • 22th April 2020, at 10:00
  • KNU Conference Hall

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Speakers Profile

🟔 First speaker: Prof. Seyed Moayed Alavian

Prof. Seyed Moayed Alavian
Prof. Seyed M. Alavian

Professor Alavian (ORCID Profile), graduated from Tehran University of Medical Sciences in MD and Internal specialty. He was a lecturer at the School of Medicine / Tehran Medical University.  He has authored/co-authored over 750 articles in local and international journals, including 410 articles indexed in ISI, 540 articles indexed in Medline, and 247 articles indexed in Persian Journals and more than 14916 citations, including 75 books and booklets for physicians and patients. He has been the principal investigator in numerous clinical trials related to the management and treatment of hepatitis C and B patients. His main interests are health policy, epidemiological aspects of viral hepatitis and how to integrate new protocols for controlling these infections. He is also interested in clinical trials of emerging medications for HBV and HCV, and treatment of viral hepatitis in special diseases including thalassemia and hemophilia.

For the past 10 years, he has been responsible for the control of hepatitis C disease in specific patients. During this period more than 15,000 specialty patients have been treated for hepatitis C treatment across the country.

One of his main activities was the establishment of the Hepatitis Monthly Scientific Journal in 2001, which was indexed in ISI in 2007. Since 2011 it was published as a monthly English language journal. In 2010, the journal won the title of distinguished English language publications of the 16th Razi Medical Sciences Research Festival.

Dr. Alavian also was recognised as the top scientist of the recent decade for having the highest number of articles on hepatitis in Scopus by the Academy of Sciences in 2015 and he managed to receive the Fereidun Azizi Award. Another major activity is the establishment and chairmanship of Iran Hepatitis Network in the years 2004-2017. Nonetheless; he is also founder and director of Global Hepatitis Community (NGO).

➥ Please view Prof. Alavian Google Scholar Account for more details on his publications

🟔 Second speaker: Assistant Prof. Salman khan


Assistant Prof. Salman khan
A.Prof. Salman khan

Assistant Prof. Salman khan (ORCID Profile), graduated from Subharti University, School of Medical Microbiology. He is a lecturer at the College of Science, Department of Medical Laboratory Science (DMLS). He has authored/co-authored 30 articles in local and international journals. Dr. Salman is a current member of the American Society for Microbiology and editorial board member of the Journal of Clinical Microbiology & infectious diseases, Indonesia. He has also been involved in various scientific workshops in India and Nepal dealing with pedagogy and research ethics. 

➥ Please view Dr S Khan Google Scholar Account for more details on his publications

Who can participate?

Participation in the workshop is open to all our members of staff, students and external guests with interest in this topic. Your attendance will be highly appreciated. Let’s enjoy a relaxing session and learn something together.

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🌟This Workshop has been prepared by the Department of Medical Laboratory Science (DMLS) preparation team.

دەربارەی زانکۆی نۆلچ

زانکۆی نۆلج (KNU) زانکۆیەکی تایبەتە (ئەهلییە)، کە لە پارێزگای هەولێر لە هەرێمی کوردستان-عیراق هەڵکەوتووە. زانکۆی نۆلج  بە هەبوونی چەندین  بەرنامەی پێشکەوتوو و بەشی ئەکادیمی جیاواز وەک: بەشی ئەندازیاری، زانست، یاسا، بازرگانی، ئابووری و  بەشی پێگەیاندنی مامۆستا، دەرفەتی خوێندنی باڵا و توێژینەوە و ڕاوێژکاری هەمەجۆر بۆ هەموو قوتابیەکانی دابیندەکات. هەروەها زانکۆکەمان خاوەنی باشترین و بەناوبانگترین کەمپووسی زانکۆیی بە باشترین کواڵیتی و ئامانجی پرۆگرامەکانی هاوچەرخ و ژینگە پارێز لە عیراق دا هەیە. زانکۆی نۆلێج هانی کۆمەڵگە ئەکادیمییەکەی بۆ زانستخوازی، کارامەیی و پێشەنگی لە دەستکەوتە ئەکادیمی و پیشەییەکانی دەدات. زانکۆکەمان بەنیازە پرۆگرامەکانی خوێندنی فراوان بکات و ببێتە بنکەیەکی ئەکادمیی پێشەنگ لە بوارەکانی زانستی و زانستە مرۆڤایەتییەکان لە کۆمەڵگەی ئەکادیمی ئەلەکترۆنی زیرەک (ئی- سمارت) دا.

تکایە، لە گەشتی داهاتووتان بۆ هەولێر پایتەختی هەرێمی کوردستان-عیراق سەردانی زانکۆکەمان بکەن. بە بینینتان خۆشحاڵ دەبین.

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