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  • 07-08-2020 12:30PM

WinC Gone Virtual

On the 29th of July, 2020. The WinC team in Kurdistan had an info session with the WinC team coordinators; Sheffy Minnick--Facilitation team manager, Chiluvya Zulu--facilitation trainer, Emma Rohan--Facilitation trainer and, Delali Agawu--Course assistant, in Penn State University, U.S.A to discuss a full time facilitation training course in the upcoming fall season. The members who were present from Kurdistan are: Aysha Omar Hassan, a student from Department of English (DENL), Abullah Ayoub Sabir, a student from Department of Petroleum (DPET), Israa Jamal Ahmed, a student from Department of English (DENL), Karwan Yousif Mohammed-Ameen, a student from Department of Law (DLAW), Mohammed Syamand Nasih, a Graduate from Department of Petroleum (DPET) and, Razar Salar Jalal-Bag, a student from the Department of Computer Science (DCSC). With them was the Facilitator from Kurdistan Mohammed Khabat Naif, a senior student from Department of English (DENL).

The Session

When the session began and all of the people from different teams in different places around the globe like Afghanistan and Basra were in the online meeting room with us, we immediately got to the meat and bones of our meeting. Our online facilitation training shall begin on the 24th of August 2020, the participants of the training course will have to commit six hours per week to the training course, and they will have two days of online one-to-one sessions with their instructors for 75 minutes and they will have to facilitate a dialogue once per week. Moreover, the participants in the training session will be graded based on their attendance for the online session; each participant will start with 100 marks however, their marks will decrease based on the times they were absent from a dialogue session or a training session, each participant has two strikes for absence, if he or she were absent a third time, room will be cleared for another participant to join in on the training sessions. To add on, for a participant to pass, he or she must have at least 80 marks in store otherwise he or she will not pass the training course and move on to the next stage of the program. Finally, all of the training and dialogue sessions will happen virtually using the Zoom application.

For the future

As everything with this year(2020) the future ahead of us is uncertain and even bleak at times. However, that’s not to say that we cannot put plans and projects for us to work on for a hopefully brighter tomorrow, as the old saying goes”where there’s a will, there’s a way”. To train a second team of facilitators in the current times is not only an outstanding achievement for a university to achieve, but is also crucial to understanding the world around us and the nations and peoples who inhabit said world. Moreover, in a world where everything is seemingly becoming virtual and is based on communication, what more do we need other than facilitators? Simply put, we need more facilitators.

Report by Mohammed Khabat Naif

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