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  • 26-03-2020 12:30PM

KNU Council Meets online

Knowledge University (KNU) is responding to the Coronavirus pandemic emergency situation in Kurdistan Region of Iraq and arrange for its university council meetings online. KNU Council meets after Newroz holiday to discuss the new situation and plans for completing the academic year. The regional government has advised the university to remain closed as the region is planning complete lockdown to further notice. 

The president of KNU Dr Dilan Majid Rostam provided an overview of the scenarios that might be a roadmap to conclude this academic year. Looking into the option of Asynchronous Online Learning seems to provide the most feasible solution based on the capacity and requirements that are fundamental for building electronic infrastructure to serve such a purpose. 

The KNU Council meeting concluded with knowledge on different pathways and observing the development in the region on lockdown policies. The Ministry of Higher Education (MHE) will have their say on the future of this academic year (2019/2020).

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