Muhammed Saeed Farhad Shakir

Email: [email protected]

Department: Law

- Muhammed Saeed joined the Knowledge University in December 2020 . He is currently working in the Law department. He studied middle school at Barzany high school in Erbil. After three years of serious study, He graduated in 2000. He has membership in bar association and Jurists Union in the Kurdistan Region . He worked as a Lawyer for freelancer . In 2010 he worked with Galoob organization for public opinion as a Branch manager for two years. He has 15 years’ experience law firm in civilian, investigative, crimes, Legitimacy and Accompaniment cases in more than 300 cases. He Registered more than 200 trading companies. He Participated a course in UNAMI for refugees as a lecturer.

Besides, he has been working in different companies as a consultant lawyer. He has been working too as a volunteer and activist, helping vulnerable people who cannot hire a lawyer . He has also been a founder and member of the Sarbasty organization for social reform in Erbil.