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Date Title Link
2024-03-03 y2 midterm time table View
2023-10-14 y2 midterm exam time table View
2023-10-14 y3 midterm exam time table View
2023-08-29 Starting day of University
2023-06-06 y2 resit exam time table View
2023-06-05 y1 theory exam time table View
2023-05-28 y1 Final practical exam time table View
2023-05-04 Fourth semester Final exam time table View
2023-05-04 second semester midterm exam time table 2023 View
2023-04-23 Medical Microbiology Department fourth semester final practical exam time table View
2023-04-06 MM Time table semester 2, 2023 View
2023-01-24 Medical microbiology department Induction day View
2023-01-07 Year 1 semester 1 Time table View
2023-01-07 Year 2 semester 2 Time table View
2022-12-20 Year 2 reset final exam time table View
2022-12-01 Medical Microbiology department Year 2 final exam time table View
2022-10-23 2021-2022 رێزبە ندي دەرجوانی قۆناغی یە ک - بەشی مایکرۆبایۆلجی پزیشکی View
2022-10-12 Semester 3 Midterm exam timetable 2022-2023 View
2022-10-11 MM training course (day 3 ) intramuscular injection View
2022-10-10 MM training course (day 2) Blood pressure and Heart rate measurement View
2022-10-09 MM training course (day 1) Biosafety and Blood sugar test View
2022-10-05 MM students table tennis coemption View
2022-10-01 MM Charity support for cancer patients View
2022-08-22 دەسپێکی ساڵی نوێی خوێندن
2022-06-18 Second Round for Second Semester Practical examination View
2022-06-18 2nd Round of Second Semester Theoretical Examinations View
2022-06-07 Second Term Timetable of First Semester Final Examinations View
2022-06-07 Practical Exam Second Term 1st semester View
2022-05-23 Final Exam Timetable View
2022-05-18 Final Practical Exams View
2022-05-17 ناسنەمەی زانکۆ
2022-05-13 Academic Debate Seminar
2022-05-12 8th week timetable View
2022-05-12 Postponed midterm exam View
2022-04-26 Midterm Timetable View
2022-04-22 Fifth week Timetable View
2022-04-15 Extra hour MMD 4th week View
2022-04-11 Extra Hours
2022-04-09 Extra Hours
0024-03-31 y3 midterm time table second semester 2024-3-2025 View

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