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Dear Students,

Welcome to the official website of Knowledge University – one of the innovative education systems in Kurdistan, Iraq. As a vibrant university, we witness steady growth in teaching and research quality and development in building infrastructure. Further, we take firm steps forward in order to contribute to the future of our country and realize our objectives and dreams.

We are striving to shape the university with a vision and mission adopted by the academic and administrative staff. Further, the university uses modern educational facilities to deliver high-quality teaching materials and engage students in the interactive learning system. In order to present good teaching practice, we regularly improve the curriculum for the sake of promoting learning and achieving labor market needs.

We are envisioning to sharpen the Knowledge University’s structures for collaboration with industry. This can be mutually beneficial to encourage students to the entrepreneurial direction. A part of this University-Industry collaboration, we are going to train our students using entrepreneurial programs. Such programs will make the student ready for the labor market.

I invite you to explore our website, like us on Facebook and learn more about our university, which consists of the College of Engineering, Law, Pharmacy, Administration and Finances, Science, and Art. The Knowledge University has a bright future. Hopefully, you will find out that you want to become a part of our future as well.

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Anwer Dezaye

President of Knowledge University

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