Semester Process at KNU

Prior to the application of Bologna Process, Knowledge University applied Semester-Based Program in most collages and department. The move from Annual Based System into Semester program was to develop education system and allow students to take more subjects in order to develop their competencies and skills. In semester based program, students are required to take 8 semester that are divided into eight semesters. Each academic year is divided into two semesters. For the academic year 2020 – 2021, the university applied Bologna Process, but yet the semester-based programs are active for students enrolled from previous academic years.

The assessment process in semester-based programs relies on the credit system in which students are required to complete 130 – 156 credits in accordance to the regulations of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Kurdistan Region (No. 25107 in 07/12/2014). Students also required to complete summer training in order to be eligible to obtain bachelor degree at Knowledge University.

For the semester-based programs, summative and formative assessments will be applied. Students should go through End-of-term or midterm exams as part of summative assessment. Despite the fact that more weight has been given to the formative assessment, but formative assessment is also used as important part of the assessment that helps to discover what students know during the process of learning in semester-based programs (Ex. quiz, presentations, assignment, student’s portfolio …etc.).

For the semester based system, the university centralized summative assessment into 30% for the midterm exam, and 60% for the final exam. The rest of the 10% marks is devoted to formative assessment mainly for quiz and students class participation. The following is the sample of assessment criteria:

Module Assessment

Types of ActivityWeight (Marks)
Class Participation5%
Midterm Exam30%
Final Exam60%
Total100% (100 Marks)


Percentage to Grade Chart

Percentage RangeGrade
90 % - 100%Excellent
79% - 89%Very Good
70% - 78%Good
60% - 69%Adequate
50% - 59%Acceptable
Below 49%Weak/Failure

In accordance with the MOHE-KRG guidelines, students in semester-based programs are allowed to transfer from one university to another. However, any student moves from a university into Knowledge University is required to go through equalization process. The student need to complete and pass all the subjects that required in related department at Knowledge University. This equalization is also allowed for the annual programs, but all requirements should be fulfilled. The mobility and transfer is not allowed from Bologna Process into Semester-based programs.

  • The students need to obtain 50% for each subject to pass.
  • The assessment to be done for all credits that students accumulate during the semester.
  • Students will have 1 chances to reset the exam and pass the subject.
  • Students can pass to the next stage if they fail in no more than 2 subjects, which will be required to be completed in the next academic year.
  • Students should take all subjects required in each semester.
  • The university applies all other regulations issued by the Ministry of Higher Education in relation to semester based programs.

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