ICALS24: The 3rd International Scientific Conference on Administrative, Financial & Legal Sciences and Prospects for Renewal and innovation
16 Apr, 2024

ICALS24: The 3rd International Scientific Conference on Administrative, Financial & Legal Sciences and Prospects for Renewal and innovation

  • 08:30:00
  • published: 2023-12-18
  • Knowledge University

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The abstracts and the research paper 

should be sent to the following e-mail: [email protected]

Under the auspices of Dr. Aram Mohammed Qadir, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Kurdistan Region-Iraq, the college of Administrative and Financial Sciences and the college of Law at Knowledge University hold their third  international scientific conference entitled "The Third  International Scientific Conference on Administrative, Financial and Legal Sciences and Prospects for Renewal and innovation" at the University's campus /Erbil City/Kurdistan Region-Iraq for the period from 16/4/2024 to 17/4/2024, and invites all researchers and specialists in the field of administrative, Financial and legal sciences to present their scientific output in order to support the scientific and research process in universities.


Conference President:

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Anwer Dezaye

President of Knowledge University

Conference supervisors:

Dr. Shwan Omar Khaleel

Dean of the College of Law

Dr. Nadhema Ahmed Raheem

Dean of the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences

Conference objectives:

1- Focusing on scientific research, especially applied research in the legal, administrative and financial fields, by presenting it to a committee of specialists at the conference.

2- Keeping pace with developments in various fields of applied sciences, especially digital, and harmonizing and adapting our reality to these developments.

3- Activating social responsibility at the university and linking it with its strategic plans.

4- Harnessing scientific and research efforts to serve the community and activating the partnership between the university and community institutions to enhance social responsibility.

5- Exchanging opinions, ideas and advice within the scope of the conference’s themes.

6- Expanding the field of research participation to benefit from scientific expertise (local and international).

7- Adapting scientific expertise in the virtual world and transferring it to a tangible, living reality.

8- Consolidating the creative philosophy by creating a scientific environment capable of renewal and innovation.

Important dates:

Starting date of receiving the research summary. (25/12/2023) 

Deadline for receiving the research summary. (15 /1/2024)-

Deadline for receiving the final copy of the research. (1/3/2024)

The conference will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday (16-17/4/2024).

Conditions for participating research and accepted scientific papers:

. The research should be within the framework of the conference axes and title.

. Research previously presented in conferences or published is not accepted.

The research pages should not exceed (25) twenty-five pages, while adhering to the regulations, font size for the main headings (16) and sub-headings (15), font size for the body (14) and footnotes (12).

Research papers are accepted in Kurdish, Arabic and English.

Commitment to scientific research methodology.

Write the title of the research, the full names of the researchers, their scientific titles, their places of work, and the means of contacting them.


Research Summary:

Please provide an abstract of 100 to 150 words. The abstract is supposed to specify the topic of the content (research - article - comment) so that the readers of the research can identify the content that interests them through it and there is no need to read the entire research. The abstract should also include the research's contribution to existing knowledge and what distinguishes it from existing studies. The abstract should include (3-5) key words associated with the article.

Participation and publication fees:

 Participation with research and attendance at the conference ($150).

 Participation online with research ($100).

 Participation without research, but with a certificate of participation ($50),

 Accepted law researches will be published in Zanko Journal of Law & Politics, which is published at the Faculty of Law – Salahaddin University – Erbil which is a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

 Accepted administrative & finance researches will be published in Zanko Journal forwhichZanko Journal for humanitarian Scientifics which is published at the Salahaddin University – Erbil which is a peer-reviewed scientific journal.


Conference axis’s 

Economic and financial Axes

First: the administrative axes

Modern digital management.

E-commerce in the business environment.

Innovation in information technology.

International/local experiences in modern management.

Renewal in the business environment.

Recent studies in contemporary management

Second: The accounting axes:

Electronic financial disclosure of financial statements.

Artificial intelligence in accounting and auditing.

The nature of integrated financial reports.

The role of big data in advancing the accounting and auditing profession.

5- Reform in the field of digital finance/international-local experiences in the accounting field.

Third: Financial axes:

1- Digital banking.

2- Green finance.

3- Innovating financial engineering.

4- Banking reform and financial inclusion.

5- Digital transformation in financial technology.

Fourth: Marketing axes:

1- The quality of banking service depends on marketing performance.

Financial influence on consumer behavior.

3- renewal and innovation in modern marketing.


2-the College of Law Axes: The Law & international Relations axes:

1- The role of law in the era of scientific and electronic progress.

2- The role of electronic means in confronting corruption.

3- International and national efforts to achieve sustainable development

4- Liability arising from environmental pollution.

5- Legal mechanisms to compensate victims of the crime of genocide.

6- The role of the Federation Council in the federal state.

7- The role of modern scientific methods in proving and achieving justice.

8- The role of the Security Council in the Palestinian-Israeli war.

9- The international system - new variables and visions.

10- Contemporary legal issues.

scientific Committee:

Assist. Prof. Dr. Muataz Abdulqadir Mohammad / University of Knowledge      Chairman

Dr. Shwan Omar Khaleel, Dean of the College of Law - Knowledge University      Member

Dr. Nadema Ahmed Raheem, Dean of the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences - Knowledge University                                                                                     Member

Prof. Dr. Mowafaq Muhamed Alkassab, TIU University                                                     Member

Prof. Dr. Ghazi Abdulazeez Sulaiman, Al-Qalam College Kerkuk                                  Member

Prof. Dr. Fawzia Ghalb Umer Alsadoon Al-Keetab University,Kerkuk                       Member

Prof. Dr. Arshad Fouad Majeed Altameemi, Al-Shaab University                              Member

Prof. Dr. Basima Falih Alnuimi ,Koya University, Erbil                                                  Member

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Kadhim Aljezani, Al-Mustansiriya University – Baghdad      Member

Assistant Prof. Dr. Zana Majed Sadq, Koya University                                                 Member

Prof. Dr. Sofiane Belmadi, University of Blida – Algeria                                               Member

Prof. Dr. Osama Bouchmakh, Ahmed Ibn Al-Wancharisi University, Algeria           Member

Prof. Dr. Sabah Dawood Saleem, Aukland University, America                                 Member

Prof. Dr. Tariq Shareef Younis, University of Bahrain, Bahrain                                   Member

Prof. Dr. Ebrahim Rashed Alshami, University of Buraimi, Sultanate of Oman       Member

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Abed Hussin Altaee, Zarqa University, Jordan                          Member

Prof. Dr. Adnan Hussein Aljadiri, Amman Arab University, Jordan                            Member

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Alfaragi, University of Buraimi, Sultanate of Oman              Member

Prof. Dr. Kahtan Saeed Alsamraee, Amman Arab University, Jordan                       Member

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Sulaeman Jaradat, Ajloun National University, Jordan            Member

Prof. Dr. Bouaunia  Salima, Centre of Tipaza, Algeria                                                  Member

Prof. Dr. Hisham Al-Bassir Ayyad - University of Maghnia, Algeria                            Member

Asst. Prof. Dr. Vian Sulaiman Hama Saeed, Koya University                                    Member

Asst. Prof. Dr.Barwa Sardar, Koya University                                                              Member

Dr. Muhammad Hussein Khalifa, Islamic University – Lebanon                                 Member

Dr. Jina Muhammad Abu Saleh, Jinan University - Lebanon                                      Member

Dr. Anwer Omar Qader, Knowledge University                                                            Member

Dr. Mahdi Hamdi Mahdi, Knowledge University                                                           Member

Dr. Ayoub Dehqani, Ahmed Bin Al-Wancharisi University, Algeria                            Member

M. Hamad Kareem Hamad, Knowledge University                                                     Secretary

Organizing Committee: -

Asst. L. Ammar Waleed Mohammed Sheet, Knowledge University                            Chairman

Asst. L. Azad Aldzaiy, College of Law                                                                          Member

L. Hind Abdul Ameer Hamed,  College of Law                                                             Member

Asst. L. Azad Salih Nader, Faculty of Administration and Financial Sciences              Member

Asst. L. Abdullah Saeed Abdullah, Faculty of Administration                                        Member

Asst. L. Idrees Sadeq Kanabi, Faculty of Administration                                               Member

Asst. L. Sakar Fatah Sulaiman, Faculty of Administration                                             Member

Asst. L. Mustafa Jabbar Ahmed, Faculty of Administration                                            Member

Asst. L. Shia Radha Tahir, Faculty of Administration                                                      Member

Asst. L. Zakia Abdalmnem Qoja, Faculty of Administration                                            Member

 Asst. L. Ali Younis Mohammad, College of Law                                                             Member

Asst. L. Halala Slyman Rahman, College of Law                                                           Member

Media Committee:

Assist. Prof. Dr. Sara Mohsen Qadir, Knowledge University                                     Chairman 

Assist. Prof. Dr. Thahir Hamadamin Sabir, Erbil Technical University                       Member

Assist. Prof. Dr. Hoshyar mudhafar Ali, Salahaddin University                                  Member

Assist. L. Bawar Ali Abdalkarim, Knowledge University                                             Member

Dr. Tara Muhsin Qadir, Sulemani University                                                               Member

Correspondence and inquiries:

The abstracts and the research paper should be sent to the following e-mail: [email protected]

 For inquiries and registration, please contact the following phones:

1- For legal issues: +964 750 466 0879  

2- For administrative and financial issues: +964750 792 2113, +964 770 438 0029  

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