Petroleum Engineering Students at Knowledge University Explore the Oil and Energy Industry on Scientific Excursion
  • 17-01-2023

Petroleum Engineering Students at Knowledge University Explore the Oil and Energy Industry on Scientific Excursion

ڕۆژی سێشەممە بەرواری 17/1/2023
قوتابییانی قۆناغی دووەمی بەشی ئەندازیاری نەوت، بە سەرپەرشتی م. بەیان حیکمەت و م. نوور خالید هەستان بە ئەنجامدانی گەشتێکی زانستی بۆ کۆمپانیای
"Modern Surveying Calibration and Testing Lab"
بە مەبەستی ئاشناکردنی قوتابییان بە شێوەیەکی کرداری بە کۆتا پێشکەوتنەکانی پرۆسەی گەڕان و بەرهەمهێنانی نەوت.
قوتابییان سەردانی کۆمەڵێک تاقیگەی جۆراوجۆریان کرد و لەلایەن کەسانی پسپۆڕ ڕاهێنانیان پێکرا و میکانیزم و چۆنیەتی بەکارهێنانی ئامێرەکانیان بۆ ڕوون کرایەوە.
دواتریش هەر درێژەی گەشتەکەدا قوتابییانی بەشی ئەندازیاری نەوت سەردانی کۆمپانیای
"United Education Training Center"
یانکرد و لەلایەن بەڕێوەبەری سەرچاوە مرۆیییەکانەوە پێشوازیان لێ کرا، و سیمینارێکیان بۆ پێشکەش کرا دەربارەی چۆنیەتی خۆ ئامادەکردن بۆ کارکردن لە بواری پیشەسازی نەوت و وزە و دەستکەوتنی کار لە کۆمپانیاکانی بواری نەوت.
ئەم سەردانە هەنگاوێکی گرنگ بوو بۆ ئامادەکردنی قوتابییان بۆ پیشەی داهاتوویان، هەروەها نموونەیەکی دیکە بوو لە پابەندی "زانکۆی نۆلج" بە پێشکەشکردنی ئەزموونی کرداری و پراکتیکی بە قوتابییەکانی کە دەبێتە هۆی بەرزکردنەوەی زانیاری و لێهاتووییەکانیان لە بواری خوێندنەکەیاندا.

On Tuesday, January 17th, the second year students of the Department of Petroleum Engineering at Knowledge University were given the opportunity to participate in a scientific excursion to Modern Surveying Calibration and Testing Lab. The purpose of this trip was to expose the students to the most recent advancements in the field of oil exploration and production. Under the supervision of Mrs. Bayan Hikmat and Mrs. Noor Khalid, the students were able to visit several calibration laboratories and receive hands-on training from experienced professionals. These experts provided detailed explanations on the operation of the equipment, giving the students a comprehensive understanding of the industry.
Then the students visited the United Education Training Center. They were warmly received by the Director of Human Resources and were presented with a seminar on how to prepare for working in the oil and energy industry and working in energy companies. This seminar provided valuable insights and advice on how to navigate the job market and succeed in a career in the oil and energy sector. The students also had the opportunity to ask questions and gain further understanding of the industry from the experts at the United Education Training Center. This visit was an important step in helping the students to prepare for their future careers, and it was another example of the commitment of Knowledge University to providing its students with real-world experiences that will benefit them in their professional lives

Knowledge University is committed to providing its students with such valuable learning experiences that will enhance their knowledge and skills in their field of study.

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