National Seminar on Hydrocarbon Production Process
  • 17-09-2023

National Seminar on Hydrocarbon Production Process

In an academic endeavor, the Head of the Petroleum Engineering Department, M. Hawzhin Fateh, spearheaded a national seminar on the intricate subject of "Hydrocarbon Production Process." The event unfolded on September 16, 2023, in the presence of lecturers from the College of Engineering.

The seminar served as a dynamic platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas within the field of petroleum engineering. M. Hawzhin Fateh, a prominent figure in the field, delivered a captivating keynote address that set the tone for the seminar. Her expertise and insights illuminated the challenges and innovations surrounding hydrocarbon production, captivating the audience's attention.

Throughout the day, participants engaged in thought-provoking discussions, sharing their expertise and experiences in this critical sector. The seminar covered a range of topics, from emerging technologies in extraction to sustainable practices in the hydrocarbon industry.

The seminar's success was underscored by the enthusiastic participation of lecturers from the College of Engineering, who actively contributed to the enriching atmosphere of collaborative learning.

As the event concluded, it left attendees with a deeper understanding of the intricate processes involved in hydrocarbon production and underscored the importance of continued collaboration and research within this vital sector. M. Hawzhin Fateh and the College of Engineering look forward to future endeavors that will further advance the knowledge and practices within the petroleum engineering field.

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