Head of Petroleum Engineering Department Hosts Seminar on Bologna Process
  • 01-10-2023

Head of Petroleum Engineering Department Hosts Seminar on Bologna Process

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, October 1, 2023 
M. Hawzhin Fateh, the Head of the Department of Petroleum Engineering at Knowledge University, recently conducted an enlightening seminar on the Bologna Process. The event garnered the presence of esteemed lecturers, dedicated staff, and enthusiastic students from the department. The seminar provided a comprehensive overview of the Bologna Process, a vital framework for higher education in Europe and beyond. M. Hawzhin Fateh elucidated the significance of this process, explaining how it fosters academic mobility, curriculum harmonization, and quality assurance in higher education institutions.

The audience, comprising both faculty and students, engaged actively in discussions about the Bologna Process's implications for Knowledge University and its programs. The seminar served as an opportunity to understand how the university aligns its educational standards with international benchmarks. Knowledge University's commitment to ensuring academic excellence and global relevance was highlighted during the seminar. M. Hawzhin Fateh's informative presentation and the enthusiastic participation of the attendees showcased the university's dedication to providing its students with a world-class education.

The seminar on the Bologna Process not only informed but also inspired a renewed sense of purpose and global perspective among those present. It is a testament to Knowledge University's commitment to staying at the forefront of international education standards.

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