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  • 21-02-2020 12:30PM

KRI Universities admissions in focus

Yet another glamorous victory by the Knowledge University (KNU) team who participated in the debate round 2 - “Should university admissions be based on personal qualifications or exam grades?”. The academic debate has been organised to empower the critical thinking of the students and find possible answers to many common issues related to higher education in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI)

In this round of the regional wide debate the KNU students, Fadi Raad Afram, a freshman student from the Department of English Language (DENL), Mohammed Syamnd, a senior students from the Department of Petroleum Engineering (DPET), accompanied with Shahad Bahjat, a student 2nd year from DPET and, Mohammed Khabat Naif, a student from 3rd year of DENL, led by the head of DENL Mr. Mohammad Kiani, faced off against the Charmo University. They tackled the topic “whether university admission should be based on the Students personal qualifications or their exam grades”. KNU took the side that supported the perspective of personal qualifications while the Charmo University team believed the exam grade should govern the merits for admissions into undergraduate studies. Both universities have displayed a civil and a fantastic exchange of opinions with facts. It was a perfect display of a mature academic debate. After the discussion of topics, time was given for the jury members to announce the winner of the debate. Knowledge University (KNU) was introduced as the winner of the debate with a well formulated argument that valued the impact of personal qualifications in a better quality of education.

Please watch the Debate, by visiting here 

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