Knowledge University Hosts Seminar by Barzani Charity Foundation, Explores Job Opportunities and Collaboration
  • 13-02-2024

Knowledge University Hosts Seminar by Barzani Charity Foundation, Explores Job Opportunities and Collaboration

In an exemplary display of collaborative spirit, Knowledge University and the Barzani Charity Foundation fortified their partnership with a special focus on the Petroleum Engineering Department. The occasion, marked by an official visit from the Foundation's representatives, underscored a commitment to nurturing talent and fostering educational advancement in the energy sector. Led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marwan Aziz Mohammad, the Dean of the College of Engineering, Knowledge University along with Mrs. Hawzhin Fateh, Head of Petroleum Engineering Department extended a warm welcome to the visiting delegation, culminating in a gracious reception by the university's President, Prof. Dr. Ahmad Dzeyi. Discussions ensued, illuminating avenues for collaboration between the esteemed institutions.

A highlight of the visit was a seminar organized by Gulistan Abdullah Zikri, the Head of the Public Relations Department of the Barzani Charity Foundation. Titled "Barzani Charity Foundation: Its History and How to Find Job Opportunities There," the seminar not only provided insights into career pathways but also explored potential collaborations with the Petroleum Engineering Department. During the seminar, Gulistan Zikri highlighted the Foundation's remarkable eighteen-year journey and underscored its commitment to supporting educational initiatives. Notably, discussions veered towards the Foundation's interest in collaborating with the Petroleum Engineering Department to provide students with practical learning opportunities and industry exposure.

The seminar served as a catalyst for dialogue, paving the way for a promising collaboration between Knowledge University's Petroleum Engineering Department and the Barzani Charity Foundation. This partnership holds the potential to enrich the educational experience of students, providing them with hands-on learning opportunities and opening doors to future career prospects in the dynamic field of petroleum engineering. As the event concluded, it left attendees with a sense of optimism and anticipation for the fruitful collaboration ahead. The partnership between Knowledge University and the Barzani Charity Foundation, particularly within the realm of petroleum engineering, holds the promise of mutual growth and advancement, contributing to the development of skilled professionals and the prosperity of Kurdistan's energy sector.

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