E-learning Platforms for conducting educational Exam
  • 30-05-2021

E-learning Platforms for conducting educational Exam

A Workshop Held by Accounting Department On E-learning Platforms
A workshop was held by the department of Accounting entitled (E-learning Platforms for conducting educational Exam). The workshop was held on 24 May 2021. The workshop was two-part. At the beginning of the workshop, Mr. Zaid Saad Ismail lecturer at the accounting department, Knowledge University, and the organizer of the workshop gave a brief background on the topic and explained the concept of e-learning. Then Mr. Saif Qudama Younis talked about the application of the platforms in learning and their practical sides.
E-learning management systems are an integrated system responsible for managing the electronic learning process via the Web, including admission, enrollment in courses and management, follow-up of student learning, submission of duties, supervision of communication tools, management of tests, and final certification. However, the application of the system is somehow complicated to those that are not familiar with them. Thus, the presenters highlighted the complication and technical problems including the costs, installation, operation, and development. The practical part of the workshop was mainly focused on Moodle and Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Outcomes of the Workshop:
1. Educators were highly recommended to integrate various tools and applications into a single system as a stand-alone integrated system to manage the learning process for the learning process of the educational process.
2. Educators to create a background on how to use the available capabilities of the system to facilitate the educational process.
3. Develop teachers’ knowledge about the templates of questions and instructions in the Moodle system as well as how to put them in the question bank.
4. Practically preparing the electronic tests on the platform of the system by the teacher to support the electronic examination system

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