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  • 04-10-2021


On Saturday 4/10/2021 from 10:00 am till 2:00 pm, The Department of Computer Science at Knowledge University held a national workshop entitled: Huawei ICT academy at KNU Conference hall that was organized by Huawei ICT Academy - Erbil (Huawei Programs for Universities).



Jamal Noori Ahmed - Huawei Iraq Public Relation Manager

Mardin Abdullah Anwar - Administrator of Huawei Academy center at Salahaddin University - Erbil

Kurdo Shali - Recruitment & Allocation Senior Specialist


Number of attendees: approximately 60

The program included the following activities: 

Huawei Certificate by Huawei ICT Academy 

Huawei ICT Competition 2021 - Roadshow

Interview & Professional CV Writing

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