1st International Conference Of Applied Computing & Smart Cities (ICACS21 ) - 1st day
  • 22-01-2022

1st International Conference Of Applied Computing & Smart Cities (ICACS21 ) - 1st day

Cities stand to benefit the most from connecting people, processes, data, and things. A Smart City exploits sustainable information and communication technologies to improve the quality of life, health, education, and also the performance of urban services for citizens. 

Under the supervision of the board of trustees and the presidency of Knowledge University, on Saturday 22/1/2022 Knowledge University held the first day of the International Conference entitled: 1st International Conference of Applied Computing & Smart Cities (ICACS21) at 9:00 am, KNU campus in the city of Erbil, Iraq. This is a 2-day event.


The conference started with an opening speech by  ICACS21 General Chair, Asst. Prof. Dr. Kayhan Zrar Ghafoor the president of Knowledge University

The speech of the president of KNU at 1st International Conference of Applied Computing & Smart Cities (ICACS21 )


Overall, in terms of participation in ICACS21, almost half of the papers submitted were international. A total of 35 papers were received. In order to guarantee the quality of the papers published our international technical program committee comprises of 21 experts in the fields relevant to ICACS21. Each submitted manuscript was reviewed by at least 3 reviewers and only 19 papers made it to the final round; with almost a 54% acceptance rate.

The importance of this scientific occasion is seen in this scientific coordination between the four universities: Wolverhampton University and Sanniga, St. Valley University, and Tikrit University, where each is a high academic profile holder.

Number of attendees: more than 500


Below are the links relevant to this event:

Accepted Papers: ICACS21 - Accepted Papers (google.com)

Agenda link: ICACS21 - Agenda (google.com)

Organizing Committee: ICACS21 - Organizing Committee (google.com)

Technical Committee: ICACS21 - Technical Committee (google.com)

Keynote Speakers: ICACS21 - Keynote Speakers (google.com)

YouTube video: 1st International Conference of Applied Computing & Smart Cities (ICACS21 ) - YouTube


Topics included:

  • AI and Machine Learning for secure and sustainable smart cities
  • Cloud/edge/fog computing for smart cities
  • IoT and Cyber Physical Systems for smart cities
  • Secure and Trustworthy Computing for smart cities
  • Energy harvesting and sustainability in smart cities
  • Employment of IoT and mobile network technologies in education
  • AI enabled IoT education systems 
  • Machine learning for IoT Systems
  • IoT for health care systems
  • Sustainable power system based on IoT and AI 
  • Protocols and algorithms for wireless sensor networks
  • Internet of Flying Things 
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in IoT
  • Social media and urban awareness
  • Blockchain for IoT networks
  • 5G and beyond 5G networks
  • Wearable devices for communications and computing


The next step is coordinate with ITM Web of Conference (Europe, France) to publish all accepted papers with DOI and other indexing services.

The local proceedings of the conference will be available soon on the KNU’s website.

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