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  • 20-02-2022

Kurdish Language and Different Topics Related to language

On Sunday 20/2/2022, from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm, the Department of Computer Science at Knowledge University held an International Online Workshop entitled: Kurdish Language and Different Topics Related to language 



Topics & Speakers:

Kurdish language by Mr.Rabee Zebari - Knowledge University Iraq

Standard language and Kurdish language by Dr.Michael L.Chyet Cataloguer of languages in the middle east and in charge of congress of the U.S.A

The Role of Archaeology and Ancient Languages in the Enrichment of the Scientific Language by Dr.Asoss M.qader - Department of Ancient Near Eastern Studies - University of Wurzburg Germany 

Standard language and its paths by Mr.Diyar Mohammed - Knowledge University Iraq

The situation of the Kurdish language in the Kurds of Qafqas by Dr.Eskere Boyik - Kurdish Novelist and writer


Number of attendees: 124

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