Enhancing Language Skills: A National Workshop at ELT of The College of Education
  • 10-01-2023

Enhancing Language Skills: A National Workshop at ELT of The College of Education

The College of Education conducted a two-day national workshop on language skills. Miss Bekhal Baiz Kareem, the head of the department of English, and Mrs Mayssa (faculty member) were the keynote speakers. The workshop took place on the university campus and was aimed at teaching learners how to improve their basic language skills such as reading, speaking, writing, and listening through the use of literacy texts. During the workshop, the participants were exposed to a range of reading materials, including books, articles, and other written materials. They were taught how to effectively read and comprehend these texts and were given tips and strategies on how to improve their overall reading skills. Additionally, the participants had the opportunity to practice their speaking, writing, and listening skills through a variety of activities and exercises. 

The workshop, designed specifically for students, delved into a range of topics aimed at enhancing language skills including reading comprehension strategies, effective writing techniques, and speaking and listening skills. The attendees had the opportunity to put their newfound knowledge into practice through various group work, small-group discussions, and individual activities which allowed them to work together and apply their skills in real-world situations. The workshop provided the students with the tools and strategies they need to improve their own language skills and was considered a valuable experience by all attendees.


Here are some photos of the workshop:

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