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  • 26-02-2021

Department of Computer Science Organized an International Workshop

An international workshop was held by the Department of Computer Science on the AI and IOT Technologies to Combat COVID-19 on February 26, 2021, and the number of participants was 72. The workshop was two sessions. It was presented by “ Assoc. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Imran Ahmed” (Universiti Malaysia Perlis), “Mr. Mustafa Zuhaer Al-Dabagh” (Knowledge University), “Dr. Mohd Nazrin Md Isa” (Universiti Malaysia Perlis), and “Mr. Nashwan A. OTHMAN” (Knowledge University). Mrs. Bekhal B. Kareem, the workshop organizer, gave a brief background on the topic and introduced the presenters. In session 1, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Imran Ahmed talked about Biometric Recognition During Post COVID-19 Pandemic. Then, Mr. Mustafa Zuhaer Al-Dabagh discussed the Challenges of Face Recognition during the covid 19 pandemics. In session 2, Dr. Mohd Nazrin Md Isa discussed IoT-Based COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures System (I-SOPS), and Mr. Nashwan A. OTHMAN gave a presentation titled “Surveillance System based on Deep Learning and IoT for Reduce and Control COVID-19”. At the end of the workshop, participants asked questions and discussed the topic with presenters.

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