Petroleum Engineering and Hasar Organization Host National Workshop on Nature Nurturing
  • 14-10-2023

Petroleum Engineering and Hasar Organization Host National Workshop on Nature Nurturing

October 14, 2023

In a remarkable collaboration between the Department of Petroleum Engineering, led by the Head of Department, M. Hawzhen Fatih, and the esteemed Hasar Organization, a national workshop titled "From Seed to Sprout: Nurturing Nature through Planting Practices" was conducted on Saturday, October 14, 2023. This pioneering workshop aimed to bring together experts, students, and nature enthusiasts to explore sustainable planting practices, emphasizing the importance of environmental conservation and nurturing green spaces.

Under the direct supervision of Head of Department M. Hawzhen Fatih, the workshop was a platform for insightful discussions, practical demonstrations, and knowledge sharing. It featured prominent speakers and experts in the field of environmental sustainability, showcasing innovative methods and strategies for fostering green landscapes and reducing carbon footprints. The collaboration with Hasar Organization, a renowned name in environmental advocacy, added significant value to the workshop. Hasar's expertise and commitment to the environment further enriched the discussions and practical demonstrations, offering participants a well-rounded understanding of nurturing nature.

Participants from diverse backgrounds, including students, faculty, and members of the local community, engaged actively in the workshop. Through interactive sessions and hands-on activities, they learned about the entire process, from planting seeds to caring for and maintaining green spaces. The workshop not only shed light on sustainable planting practices but also emphasized the critical role that individuals and communities play in environmental conservation. It encouraged attendees to apply their knowledge to make a positive impact on the environment, whether on a personal or collective level.

The department and Hasar Organization look forward to future partnerships and endeavors aimed at promoting environmental awareness and sustainable practices. This workshop served as a testament to the power of collaboration in fostering positive change and a greener future.

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