College of Education Hosts National Workshop on Innovative Teaching Approaches
  • 29-11-2023

College of Education Hosts National Workshop on Innovative Teaching Approaches

29th November 2023 - Erbil, Iraq 

The Department of English Language Teaching at Knowledge University's College of Education organized a dynamic national workshop on the 29th of November 2023. The workshop, titled "Shaping the Way We Teach," aimed to explore and implement innovative teaching approaches to enhance the quality of English language education. The event featured the active participation of key faculty members, including Ms. Bekhal Baiz Kareem, Head of the Department, as well as lecturers Ms. Valan Adnan and M. Maysa Abdulkerim.

The workshop provided a platform for educators and professionals to share insights, discuss best practices, and collaborate on effective teaching methodologies. Ms. Bekhal Baiz Kareem, in her capacity as the Head of the Department of English Language Teaching, delivered a keynote address highlighting the importance of continuous improvement in teaching strategies to meet the evolving needs of students. Ms. Valan Adnan and M. Maysa Abdulkerim, both lecturers in the department, facilitated interactive sessions and shared their expertise on integrating modern teaching techniques into language education. The workshop encompassed discussions on student engagement, technology integration, and the incorporation of contemporary resources to create a dynamic and effective learning environment.

The participants actively engaged in hands-on activities, workshops, and discussions, fostering a collaborative atmosphere where ideas and experiences were exchanged. The event exemplified Knowledge University's commitment to promoting professional development and advancing the quality of education. The national workshop served as a valuable initiative to strengthen the bonds within the academic community and to inspire educators to continually refine their teaching methodologies. By focusing on "Shaping the Way We Teach," Knowledge University's College of Education demonstrated its dedication to fostering an innovative and student-centered approach to English language instruction.

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