College of Engineering Hosts International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence
  • 23-01-2024

College of Engineering Hosts International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence

In a commendable effort to foster scientific exploration and collaboration, the College of Engineering at Knowledge University, in collaboration with Brighter Lab, recently organized an international workshop titled "Artificial Intelligence - AI." The event, held on January 23rd, 2024, attracted a diverse gathering of local and international experts, contributing to a rich exchange of ideas. Prominent figures in the field, including Dr. Abdulqadir Ismaeil, Head of the Computer Engineering department at Knowledge University, Dr. Hazha Saeid, Dr. Carmelo Vaccaro, Mrs. Sazan Kamal, and Ahmad M. Khoshnaw, convened to delve into various significant and cutting-edge topics within the realm of Artificial Intelligence.

The workshop facilitated an engaging platform for participants to share their insights, research findings, and expertise. Discussions spanned a wide array of AI-related subjects, reflecting the dynamic and rapidly evolving nature of the field. Attendees had the opportunity to gain valuable perspectives from experts with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Dr. Abdulqadir Ismaeil expressed his enthusiasm for the event, stating, "This workshop serves as a testament to our commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering collaboration in the ever-evolving field of Artificial Intelligence. The exchange of ideas and expertise among local and international experts is crucial for staying at the forefront of innovation."

The inclusion of both academic and industry professionals underscored the workshop's commitment to bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical applications. As AI continues to reshape various industries, the workshop aimed to contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding the ethical, social, and technological implications of artificial intelligence. The success of the International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence at Knowledge University highlights the institution's dedication to promoting intellectual exchange and furthering advancements in science and technology. With the collaborative efforts of the College of Engineering and Brighter Lab, the event played a pivotal role in fostering a vibrant and inclusive community of AI researchers and enthusiasts.

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