Knowledge University Hosts Scientific Panel on World Cancer Awareness Day
  • 04-02-2024

Knowledge University Hosts Scientific Panel on World Cancer Awareness Day

In observance of World Cancer Awareness Day, Knowledge University's Health and Safety Directorate, in collaboration with the Department of Medical Laboratory Science, orchestrated a thought-provoking scientific panel. On this significant occasion, professionals in the field, namely Dr. Fahmi M. Saleh, Senior Medical Oncologist, Dr. Imad Sadraddin, General Surgeon Specialist, and Dr. Brwa Adnan, Psychologist, came together to share their expertise and insights. Under the guidance of the panelist “Dr. Khalis Ziad”, the panel explored a spectrum of topics pertinent to cancer, ranging from cutting-edge advancements in oncology treatments to the intricate psychological dimensions of coping with the disease. Attendees were privileged to glean valuable knowledge and perspectives from the collective wisdom of the distinguished panelists.

The event, held on February 4th, garnered significant attention in the presence of esteemed dignitaries including the President, Prof. Dr. Ahmad Dzaiy, alongside the academic staff of the university. Their participation underscored the university's unwavering commitment to advancing knowledge, fostering collaboration, and addressing critical global health challenges. Knowledge University remains steadfast in its dedication to promoting health education and research initiatives, exemplifying its role as a beacon of enlightenment and progress in society.

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