Panel Discusses Serving Kurdish Language on Mother Language Day
  • 25-02-2024

Panel Discusses Serving Kurdish Language on Mother Language Day

In a significant academic gathering, the College of Science at Knowledge University convened a panel discussion titled "On Mother Language Day, How Can We Serve the Kurdish Language." Presided over by the President of Knowledge University, Prof. Dr. Ahmad Dzeyi, and supervised by the College's Dean, Dr. Rzgar Farooq, the panel aimed to address the importance of nurturing and promoting the Kurdish language.

The panel boasted a distinguished lineup of speakers including Dr. Salar Osman, Dr. Lezgin Chali, and Mr. Hamad Karim, each contributing valuable insights into the preservation and development of the Kurdish language. The discussion, expertly moderated by Mr. Rabie Zebari, delved into various strategies and initiatives to safeguard and enhance the status of Kurdish, particularly in academic and societal domains.

The event attracted a substantial audience comprising deans, department heads, faculty members, and enthusiastic students from across the university. Amidst the vibrant exchange of ideas, participants underscored the vital role of education, literature, and cultural programs in advancing the Kurdish language agenda. As the panel concluded, a resounding consensus emerged on the imperative to intensify efforts towards the enrichment and proliferation of Kurdish language and culture, reaffirming its significance on the global linguistic landscape.

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