College of Engineering at Knowledge University Hosts Panel on Adaptation to Climate Change
  • 28-02-2024

College of Engineering at Knowledge University Hosts Panel on Adaptation to Climate Change

In a bid to further their academic pursuits and address pressing global concerns, the College of Engineering at Knowledge University recently organized a panel discussion titled "Adaptation to Climate Change." The event saw the participation of esteemed experts in the field, including Dr. Ali Rashid Khoshnaw, Massoud Karash, Abdulrahman Khani, Dr. Karwan Sabah, Dr. Marivan Akram, and Dr. Rebwar Nasser. The panel was held under the auspices of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dashti Haji Najmaddin.

The event commenced with an insightful address by the President of Knowledge University, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Dzeyi, who highlighted the paramount importance of addressing climate change in today's world. Emphasizing the urgency of the topic, Dr. Abdulrahman Sidiq, the Head of the Board of Environmental Protection and Improvement, delivered a speech underscoring the significance of such panels in raising awareness among participants.

The panel attracted a significant audience comprising deans, department heads, lecturers, and students of the university. Throughout the discussion, participants delved into the critical aspects and impacts of recent climate changes. The session provided a platform for robust exchanges of ideas and insights between attendees and guests, fostering a deeper understanding of the challenges posed by climate change and the necessary adaptation strategies.

The initiative reflects Knowledge University's commitment to promoting interdisciplinary dialogue and addressing global challenges through collaborative efforts in research and education. By convening experts and stakeholders, the university aims to contribute to the collective efforts aimed at mitigating the adverse effects of climate change and fostering sustainable development.

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