Department of Computer Organized a National Workshop
  • 11-04-2021

Department of Computer Organized a National Workshop

A national workshop was held by the Department of Computer Science, titled (Research Proposal Writing and Design) on April 4, 2021, and the number of participants was 100. The workshop was presented by “Dr.Asra Amidi” (Lincoln University College, Malaysia), “Dr. Mustafa Khalefa” (Basrah University, Iraq), and “Mr. Mustafa Zuhaer Al-Dabagh” (Knowledge University, Erbil, Iraq). The workshop was about a guide for people who wish to conduct research. The program is primarily intended for postgraduate students and prospective postgraduate students and staff in the research centers who would like to brush up on their basic understanding and knowledge of research. Also, speakers presented a summary of research methods about how to enhance scientific thinking and writing and communicate research findings.

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