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Knowledge University ambition is to be a research university within the region first and the countrywide second. The academic community at Knowledge University continues to produce valuable research by focusing on the problems and challenges that affect our region and the country with global impacts.

The field of academic publishing has been undergoing numerous changes in the past few decades. The research center is to play a major role in promoting research activities within the academic community of the university. The outlines of research center goals are

  • • Facilitating and enhancing partnerships and collaborations between researchers of our university and other universities, nationally and internationally. Such partnerships would involve the sharing of resources, funding, expertise and staff.

  • • Providing infrastructure and training that promotes creativity and entrepreneurship. This would involve arranging different workshops and seminars that are related the process of “Publication” from A to Z. It also involves inviting people for relevant talks.

  • • Ensuring our policies and programs advance a culture of innovation while ensuring ethical compliance.

  • • Fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment that would encourage students to participate in various research activities.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Ali Kattan, head of research center

Asst. Prof. Dr. Ali Kattan
[email protected]
Director of the Research Center

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