Aws Ahmed Jaff

Asst. Lec , MS.c

Email: [email protected]

Department: Pharmacy Department

Aws A. Jaff is currently joined as an academic staff at Knowledge University. Mr. Jaff was a marketing manager at International University of Erbil, where he affiliated within many of educational organizations and he filled many academic positions in his academic careers. He worked as an AQC and Student\'s Affairs Manager at SABIS University-Erbil. He received the BSc degree in Information Technology from SABIS University, and his MSc degree in Computer System Engineering from University of Kurdistan Hewlêr. Mr. Jaff is CCNA certified and he was an official Academic trainer from Cisco (CCNAX) as well as ICDL trainer. He had many contributions in networking field, automated and mobile communications. He acquired two more certifications in different fields from CompTIA.