Hadi Hussein Mohammad

Lec. , PhD

Email: [email protected]

Department: Pharmacy Department

Dr. Hadi is a lecturer who joined knowledge university, college of pharmacy in Dec 2020 teaching Human biology and genetics, Histology and Microbiology. He was awarded PhD in molecular genetic microbiology from University of Birmingham under the supervision of Prof. Christopher Morton Thomas. Immediately after his PhD, he worked as a postdoc with Prof. Peter Lund at the same university on TraDis lib and genetic manipulation in E.coli. In summer 2018, he joined Prof. Jody Mason research group at Bath University as a research associate working on peptide inhibitors as a therapeutic approach against cancer. Dr. Hadi attended tens of conferences and symposiums around the world as a speaker and poster presenter and published his results in well known journal. Hadi also interested in healthy nutrition and diet and he was awarded Level 2 in health nutrition and diet from North Hertfordshire college/UK, Level 2 in diabetes care and management from Bridgwater and Taunton College/UK and advanced diploma in nutrition and diet from Quality Licence Scheme in the UK.  Dr. Hadi played a significant role in time of COVID-19 pandemic through many TV programs giving effective instructions to avoid infection and boost immune system by nutrition and food supplements. Dr. Hadi is the founder and the runner of Green Life Center, the center to treat metabolic syndrome such as obesity, hyperlipidemia, diabetes and hypertension by using healthy diet and lifestyle.      

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