Ziyad Jamil Talabany


Email: [email protected]

Department: Petroleum Engineering

Ziyad Jamil Talabany is an Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering and Heat Transfer. He has an M.Sc Degree from Baghdad University in 1976. He joined Knowledge University in 2017 and is currently working as the head of the Petroleum Engineering Department at the College of Engineering. He has experience of 15 years working at different Iraqi government industrial establishments as a shift engineer to technical manager. He has been working 27 years as a lecturer at various engineering colleges at universities such as Salahuddin University, teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students, and has supervised 8 M.Sc students. He has published 15 papers.


Work experience:

2019-current: Assistant professor, Knowledge University, Erbil, Iraq.

1992-2019:     Lecturer and assistant Professor at Salahaddin University, College of Engineering,

                         Erbil, Iraq.

2009-2010:      External lecturer at Sulaymania Polytechnic University, College of Technical Engineering,

           Sulaymania, Iraq.

2011-2013:     External lecturer at Koya University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Chemical                             

           Engineering, Koya, Iraq.

2015-2019:     External lecturer at Erbil Polytechnic University, College of Technical Engineering, Erbil,                            



1979-1992:    Technical Manager, Erbil textile factory, Erbil, Iraq.

                         Technical Manager, Erbil hand-made carpet center, Erbil, Iraq.

                         Technical Manager, Kasnazan hand-made carpet center, Erbil, Iraq.

                         Technical Manager, Duhok hand-made carpet center, Duhok, Iraq.

                         Technical Manager, Kirkuk hand-made carpet center, Kirkuk, Iraq.


1978 -1979: Planning Manager, Diwania Tyre industry, Diwania, Iraq.

1976-1978:  Process Engineer, Pulp and Paper Mill industry, Basra, Iraq.

1971-1972:  Process Engineer, Gas and Sulfur Recovery Plant industry, Kirkuk, Iraq.


Research experience:

Over the last period I have been supervising postgraduate students while carrying out their experiments. 


Research Interests: 

Natural Gas Sweetening, Saving Heat Energy, Renewable Energy, Waste Water Treatment.